Eyelash Extensions

Wake up every morning to beautiful, thick and full lashes, without mascara!

Nouveau eyelash extensions are the best way to extend the length and thickness of your own lashes.

They look completely natural as each lash is applied individually building up the length and thickness of your lashes one by one. Applied using award winning adhesive Nouveau lashes are applied to each eye.

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frequently asked questions

This treatment is popular with clients with very light or short eyelashes who want to ensure that they have definition at all times.

Brides who don’t want to a worry about smudging their mascara on their special day- and not only do they look great for the big day, but will last throughout the honeymoon too!

Clients with a busy lifestyle – who just don’t have the time to spend on their make-up throughout the day.

Depending on your treatment choice we aim to extend almost every one of your own lashes in the growing, resting and shedding phases of growth.

Your lashes will look great for 2-3 weeks and some of your extensions will last for up to 60 days.

As your lashes shed naturally (we all loose between 1-3 lashes per day) you may wish to keep them lasting longer with a maintenance appointment where your extensions are groomed and more lashes applied. This is recommended every 3 weeks.

So now you have them, how do you look after them? Here are our guidelines for maintaining your eyelash extensions:

  • Do not expose your Nouveau eyelash extensions to water or cleansers for at least 12-24 hours
  • No swimming, wetting your face during showering, using hot tubs, or steam rooms for the first 12 to 24 hours.
  • Avoid contact between moisturisers, eye creams, or makeup removers
  • Avoid cosmetic product or cleanser containing glycols, organic solvents, alcohol, or urea should be avoided.
  • Waterproof mascara should not be used. Repeated use of mascara may shorten the lifespan of extensions.
  • Curling of Nouveau eyelash extensions is not required or recommended.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes or pulling on your eyelash extensions.
  • Any action which repeatedly puts stress or strain on your Novalash eyelash extensions will cause them to come off prematurely.
  • Eyelashes are normally shed on a regular basis, thus multiple extensions may be lost on any given day.
  • When grooming your lashes, ensure that you brush just the ends; do not brush from the base of your lashes
  • Visit Digits Beauty for touch-up appointments every 3 weeks to maintain your fabulous lashes!

Absoulely not.  Damage is typically down to poor application, or clients fiddling with their lashes.

We ensure that no lashes are stuck together which means that once your lash is ready to shed it is free to do so ensuring no damage to your lash line.  As long as you don’t pick or pull your lashes will be safe and happy.

Full Set – £67
Individual lash extnsions are applied to each eye as we aim to extend all of your lashes in their resting phase of growth.

Treatment time 1hr 30mins

Maintenance appointment – £47 (every 3 weeks)
To maintain your full lash effect and keep your lashes in fabulous condition we remove any loose lashes and replace with individual extensions on your new lash growth.
Treatment time 45 mins

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