’’Check out my new brows! I LOVE them! Pippa is an absolute legend – she not only did a fantastic job, she made the whole process a lot of fun… I’ve always been too terrified to have them done as I’ve seen some really bad brows, and I thought it would be really painful, but after seeing how good Pippa’s work was I decided to take the plunge. I’m just sad I waited so long now!! Ladies, if you’re thinking about sorting your brows out but you’re a bit apprehensive, I can tell you that it’s WELL worth it and Pippa is most definitely the woman for the job! Thanks superstar – Laura – Semi-permanent eyebrows – Australia
“I love waking up to perfection… Well, my semi permanent makeup looks perfect I don’t know about me… It’s wonderful as I now only apply BB cream and mascara and I’m sorted for the day, life in the fast lane just became simple and a whole lot faster. Thanks Pippa for an amazing job”
Louise – Semi Permanent Brows, Liner and Lips – Northants
“Had the most amazing facial today with the lovely Sian, 30 minutes of pure relaxation this girl has the most pampering of touches, and as a mumma of two it’s not often I get 30minutes to myself let alone time to think about my skin.  Thank you so much Sian for giving me the ultimate ME time and making my skin glow’’

Scarlett – Aroma Works Facial – Bicester

“My HD brows are amazing! I feel like a film star!!! Thank you so much! Sue –Bicester
“Life-changing! I’ve always had a battle with my eyebrows (or lack if them)but with the power of the brow queen Pippa, I feel I’ve won! Absolutely love them and so does my man. If anyone is thinking of taking the step into semi permanent eyebrows DON’T HESITATE!”
Sarah – Semi Permanent Brows – Bicester
“Thank you so much, I love my new lash liner, even more now that my eyes are not as red!  I cannot believe how pain free it was. You are amazing at your job.”
Rhian – Lash Liner – Bicester
“Loving my HD Brows, my parent duties have gone right out the window cause I’m too busy looking at myself in the mirror!! Lisa – Bicester
“I have been looking around for 3 years to have my eyebrows done, however, I wanted to make sure I found a person I could trust.  I chose Pippa after looking at her work and seeing that all of her work was varied.  Mine were different shapes, different heights and colours, but Pippa let me know I could pick the right colouring for me, they could still be natural looking, and not to big.  I thought it would be so painful, however the cream was magic and it didn’t hurt at all. They healed so well and didn’t flake or scab so I didn’t have to hide my face for a week which I was worried about.  I’ve had so many comments asking why I look different, rather than wow you’ve had your brows done which I love as they do not look fake.  Every morning I look in the mirror and love my eyebrows”


“I can’t thank Pippa enough for my new look eyebrows, such a difference to my look and I am 60 but still try to look good, I feel great with my new eyebrows. Best thing I ever done”
Cindy – Semi-Permanent Eyebrows – Bicester
“LOVE THEM!! I do not wear much make up, so was a little unsure at first… but I was completely converted! I now still don’t make too much of an effort, but look like I do, which is fabulous.  The precision of the make up is far better than I could achieve on a daily basis!! Maxine – Semi-Permanent brows and permanent eyeliner”
Maxine – Brows and lash liner – Bicester
“I’d wanted semi permanent brows for a while, but never trusted anyone enough to let them loose on my brows; so when Pippa announced she was starting the training I was over the moon. Pippa had done my HD brows for years, so I knew I was in good hands. Now I wake up every morning with perfect brows! They make such a difference to my face, and it’s so nice to be able to just ‘get up and go’ (well, maybe a little mascara first). Pippa offers a fantastic and professional service, I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my brows! Thanks Pippa! Also a few pros & cons so people can weigh it up…
Pros: Perfect brows, no effort in the mornings, save money in the long run (no more HD appointments)
Cons: Don’t get to see Pippa as often!”
Hayley – Semi-Permanent Brows – Oxford
“”Thank you so much Pippa for my gorgeous Calgel gel nails, they look fab, I love them..!!! I will certainly be back to try out all the different colours you have.. :)” Kim – Bicester
”The Calgel gel product is fantastic, super shiny and chip resistant, it lasts for ages. I always get complimented on how amazing my nails look by my girlfriends & clients at work. I absolutely love my appointments with Pippa, professional yet friendly; she puts you right at ease” Charlee – Bicester
“”I’m Loving the Red Calgel nails, Hot Hot Hot!! Digits Beauty is by far the best” Scarlett – Bicester”
””Totally channelling my inner Jane Russell after having my HD brows done! I’m a screen siren in my mind!! Thank you gorgeous, love them as usual!” Sue – Bicester
“I am absolutely in love with my permanent brows, you are one clever lady and it was virtually pain free, much easier than real tattoos. Thank you again – I am in love. I have pencilled all my life – never again”
Catrina – Semi-permanent eyebrows – Bicester
“Everybody needs HD eyebrows!!” Pam – Bicester
“Highly recommend Pippa, she’s amazing! Love my permanent brows now, literally get up and go” Sue – Semi-permanent brows – Bicester
“”My eyelashes are FAB – I would highly recommend for everyone to invest!”
Anna – Bicester
“Thank you so much Pippa! Finally even brows! I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else to do it” Amie – Semi-Permanent brows – Bicester
“Thank you so much! I love them and pleasantly surprised on the lack of pain involved, biggest smile on my face right now” Sky – Semi-Permanent Eyebrows – Bicester
“After seeing a friends results I decided to have my brows done just over a week ago. Pip was very professional, patient and thorough leaving nothing to chance the result was amazing. I am looking forward to my review and top up in a couple of weeks. I would recommend Digits bespoke beauty in an instant for a truly great experience and more importantly a great result”
Sue- Semi-Permanent Eyebrows – Bicester
“I just want to say I have had my brows done with Pippa and they didn’t hurt! She is so good at helping to pick the shape and colour and talks to you the whole way through which is great because takes your mind off it and the after care is great as well.” Victoria – Semi-Permanent Eyebrows – Bicester
“I just want to thank you again for my absolutely fabulous brows, you are an absolute marvel!.” Heather – Semi-Permanent Eyebrows – Bicester