Hot Waxing

In bid to take the ‘ouch’ out of intimate waxing Digits Beauty in Bicester work exclusively with the incredible Perron Rigot Hot Wax and have been trained by the phenomenal Kim Lawless, a Brazilian and Hollywood hot waxing queen.  The combination of these two ensure that we can deliver the most advanced hot waxing techniques available in Oxfordshire.

This wax is designed to hold on to the fine intimate hairs and not the skin during the removal process so you don’t get that secondary pull of traditional waxing.  Subsequently you won’t be walking around like John Wayne afterwards!

For less intimate areas we use Perron Right warm wax/strip waxing which is perfect for face, arms and legs.  Whatever your hair removal requirements we have the right product for you.

Ladies, there is no need to be scared of hair removal, let Digits Beauty take care of you.

Hot Wax:                                                   
Brazilian: £40
Hollywood: £40                                            
G-string/Pantline: £22                               
G-string/High Bikini: £28                         
Underarm: £18                                           
Nostril: £8                                                    

Warm Wax:
Half leg (to knee): £22
Full leg (over knee): £28
Half arm: £18
Full arm: £22
Upper Lip: £10
Chin: £10