Digits Beauty have a passion for beautiful gel nails! However, what we won’t accept is beauty at the risk of damaging the natural nail… Way before I ever entered this industry I visited a salon that applied Calgel gel nails to my natural nails, a treatment just like all the others I thought, how wrong was I?

I found my nails were strong, the product didn’t crack or peel and when it was removed I had beautiful, long natural nails, not the paper thin monstrosities I had become accustomed to, I was hooked!  I trained with them immediately and began my beauty career, that was 16 years ago and my nails are still strong and without damage.

Of course, the industry has boomed and we now have never ending options, however, the only other brand that has wowed us as much is The Gel Bottle.  Heavily pigmented, strong and durable and offers the same great benefits of Calgel, just slightly wilder colours, which we love!

We now use both of these gel systems to offer strength and longevity to our clients without compromising nail health.  Come and try the Calgel & The Gel bottle difference for yourself.

See a small selection of our work below.