Permanent Cosmetics

Are you considering digital microblading or micro-pigementation?  Do you want beautiful natural hair stroke brows or a stunning Ombe’ blush brow?  Are you searching for a beautiful lip blush or killer lash liners let Digits Beauty in Bicester, Oxfordshire take care of all your semi-permanent cosmetic needs.

Having been lucky enough to train over 7 years ago with the creator of HD Brows I have spent years working with clients to perfect their natural brows.  However,  I found myself frustrated that common issues with our brows couldn’t always be recrified with a HD Brows growth programme. If a clients brows were too far apart, with short tails, gaps that never fill regardless of how long they were left, hair that just wouldn’t grow, or even piercing scars, I needed additional skills to enable me to give these ladies the perfect brows they’ve always dreamed of, cue semi permanent cosmetics, or as you may know it micro-pigmentation or microblading.

I did serious research into this field to ensure that any training I undertook would equip me with the best skills possible, thats when I found Karen Betts.  An industry pioneer, she has mastered the art of beautiful, natural and in some cases life changing treatments to enable people to restore what was once lost, or enhance what was never there!  I am able to work with almost all clients and give them the brows they’ve always wanted, the lip pigment they have lost and subtle or striking eyeliner that makes their eyes pop.


What is digital microblading?  Also known as semi-permanent eyebrows, micro-pigmentation, microblading or medical tattooing it is a process by which specialist pigments are expertly placed under the dermal layer of your skin to give the illusion of hair strokes for your brows or make up for your lips and eyes.  Treatments include natural looking hair-stroke eyebrows, simple lash enhancements, lip liner and lip blush.

How long does digital microblading last? As the pigments are placed closer to the top of the dermis your pigment will fade over time.  Each client however is totally unique, your age, diet, skin colouration, level of sun exposure, lotions and potions that you use on your skin, your general lifestyle and the colour of the original pigment used will all have an effect.  Due to this a colour boost will be required anywhere from 12-18 months.

Do I need have to have a patch test? Absolutely, you will need to attend the salon for a full consultation, where you will also be patch tested for the pigment and the numbing agents and discuss any possible other contra indications.

Is it the same as traditional tattooing?  We do not penetrate the skin as deeply as a traditional tattoo, that is why this is considered semi-permanent. Some or all of the pigment may fade over time, but some may be permanent.

Do you shave off my natural brows?  We certainly do not!  We work with your natural hair and use our treatment to perfect what you already have.  We may suggest a waxing appointment before your treatment to tame hair that will fall outside of the shape we plan to create, if so this will need to take place at least 48 hours before.

Would digital microblading work for me?  Permanent cosmetics can work for so many different people.  Busy mums who don’t have the time to draw on their brows every morning, active sports or gym enthusiasts who want to look perfect as they work out, people who may be allergic or don’t enjoy wearing traditional make up, those who work long shifts and are not able to reapply make up on the go, people who have over plucked their brows, also hair loss or alopecia sufferers.

Will it hurt?  No, you don’t need to be a hero.  I apply topical numbing agents to the chosen area before and during the treatments to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment.  Most clients are shocked at how little they feel, if anything at all but of course everyone will have a different tolerance.

Are all outcomes the same?  No, these treatments are very mathmatically based and we take your unique measurements, face shape, eye and nose placement into consideration, along with your skin colouration and personal desires.  We then draw our desired shape onto your skin and use that as our tattooing template.  The pigment you chose will also be unique to you, and will match your skin tone and hair colour as much as possible.  However, pigment will be darker straight after the treatment, but will then soften up to 30% as they heal.

How long will I take to heal?
Each client heals differently but typically your skin will heal beautifully on the surface from 3-5 days  and 14-28 days beneath the surface for total skin rejuvenation.  Brows typically heal the quickest and with such fine incisions you will look very normal as your return to your day, lips and eyes take a little longer to heal and may leave you feeling a little tender.  It’s best not to drive home after the eyelash enhancement as your eyes may be swollen straight afterwards.

What’s included in the price?
The price includes your consultation, first treatment, and subsequent retouch at 4-6 weeks.

If your question isn’t answered here please don’t hesitate to get in touch!