Hello, and thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

I know you have so many options when it comes to choosing your beauty salon and we love it when people really look into their technicians, and make sure they find a place that works for them.  I hope you find what you’re looking for at Digits Beauty.

So, where to start with a little about me?!  Its safe to say that Digits Beauty started very much by accident, I know that sounds crazy buy 17 years ago I had a very different job that produced a lot of stress.  I wanted to find something that in my spare time would reduce my stress, I also couldn’t find anyone to do my own nails the way I wanted them.  This led me to train with Calgel, what was then the first ever gel nails academy.

Well, that first could lead to my training obsession, and my business that is now called Digits Beauty.  What started with simple nails led to me to becoming obsessed with the pioneers of the beauty industry.

I spent a long time planning which treatments to bring to the salon and this lead me to eyebrows, eyelashes, microneedling, tanning, LVL lashes, waxing and much, much more.

The beauty of having a full time job around what was then my hobby is that I was able to finance the best courses, work with the best brands and not skimp in any way.  This is why today we are ambassadors of the best brands in the beauty marketplace.

Firstly, I was very lucky to train over 9 years ago with the creator of HD Brows.  That’s where my brow obsession began!  Since then I have spent years working with clients to perfect their natural brows, and then for those that couldn’t grow a natural brow I took the leap and increased my training with Karen Betts at KB Pro and perfected their digital microblading as well as their machine technique for eyeliners and lips.

Then continuing my training with their Detmatude Microneedling technique for skin rejuvenation.  This is a game changer ladies!

It’s safe to say the salon has grown, now 2 members on the team but still small, intimate and personal.  You are not a number to us, and I hope you will find that this isn’t just a ‘normal’ salon.  We create together, laugh together, and sometimes cry together but you will always leave us feeling better.   Come and join the Digits Beauty family and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Love, Pippa

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